“After all these years, you’d think they should know.”

Well, Louis, you’d think that, but with our leftist friends, it isn’t about rational thought, it’s about feeling good and looking good.
On Nov. 1, 2000, Pepe was ambushed in the cell of Mamdouh Mahmud Salim — an alleged top aide to Usama bin Laden. Salim’s cellmate, another Al Qaeda suspect, joined in the attack, which prosecutors say was an attempt to steal Pepe’s keys to the cell block to free other prisoners and take hostages.

The two had been granted permission by a federal judge to purchase hot sauce, says Pepe’s sister, which they then stored in a honey jar and used to create a blinding mace. Teaming up against Pepe, they beat and blinded him, covering the floor in his spattered blood. They then tried to rape him as he waited an entire hour for fellow guards to come to his aid, his sister said.

Nice guys.

How long will it be, and how many atrocities will it take, before the American people as a whole wake up to the fact that these people want to kill us? We don’t fit into their 13th Century world view, and therefore we must die.

I wonder how our leftists will feel and look as they’re led to the headsman to be executed as infidels.

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