And now I have something to say

After a day of watching and reading the news, I have a few thoughts. Some will call me simplistic; others will call me worse. To hell with them all.

Devout Muslim we’re told, possibly mentally ill we’re told. Neither is an excuse for the actions of Nidal Malik Hasan.

Supposedly the “good doctor” didn’t want to go to Afghanistan. I suspect few really do. But they man (or woman) up, go anyway and do their jobs. You see, it’s what they signed up for. No one with an IQ over that of a turnip, who has joined any branch of the military since 9/11/2001, could think otherwise. Surely you’ve heard about the war? It’s been on all the TV news….

But instead of holding up his end of the bargain,Nidal Malik Hasan decided to grab a gun or two and go kill a bunch of infidels. Sure, he didn’t say that, but it’s damn funny that not one of his victims identified so far “looks like him”.

Some say that this isn’t terrorism, not really. Hasan was just another in a long line of nutballs who decided to settle their score with life using a gun on people who had never done them any harm. I call “BULLSHIT!” on that one at the top of my lungs. For years, we have seen similar acts in Israel and they have been labeled “terrorism” by anyone with a shred of intellectual honesty.

No, it can’t be terrorism, not here, not at home where we don’t have to carry guns (according to one mealy-mouthed sorry-assed excuse for a general whose miserable name will never be uttered here). No, we don’t have terrorism here.

Tell that to 3,000 dead on 9/11/2009. Tell that to the 13 additional victims of another terrorist who have just joined them. Just how many more have to die before we can be honest with ourselves? Whether we like it or not, whether it’s politically correct or not, there seem to be a lot of people, all of a certain religion, who want us dead. The sooner we figure out that they take that seriously, and that we’d better take it seriously as well, the sooner this is going to be over.

IsNidal Malik Hasan a sleeper agent? Is he a cell of one? Is he simply yet another “deeply disturbed individual”?

We don’t know the answer now. It’s possible we may never know, but since this one has been taken alive, I have hope. There have been too many other incidentsin recent yearsinvolving Muslim men killing large numbers of non-Muslims to blithely believe that this isn’t terrorism.

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