Sometimes the news is not the story

The Charlotte Observer breathlessly reports “The number of concealed weapons permits issued in South Carolina has risen sharply this year, state records show, as people worry about crime and their right to bear firearms.”

OK, so that rates a “Well, duh!” Applications and grants of concealed carry permits have went through the roof all over the United States. Some people are finally getting the message that “911 is government sponsored dial-a-prayer”.

But the good part of that article is the comments section, which is just full of gunny goodness. “Actually, my “grandma” (wife) prefers a Kahr PM 9 for carry and 20 gauge Mossburg pump resting beside the bed with 6 #1 shot in the mag. She says a .45 is to hard to hold to get the second tap center mass :-)”

I love some good snark first thing on a Monday morning. It just puts a shine on the whole week.

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