Maintaining a nice, clean Internet

Those of us who blog anonymously usually have reasons. I do so because of the lesson of Kim du Toit, who found himself royally screwed in the job market because of his writing published under his real name. While Kim apparently has overcome this problem, I intend to never have it at all, so I blog anonymously.

Another interesting case involves South Korean blogger Minerva, who was outted as being one Park Dae-Sung. Park had the multiple misfortunes of being quite knowledgeable in a field in which he had no formal education, blogging his thoughts, being right, and scaring the crap out of his government, with the last being his downfall.

This one is worth reading for a number of other reasons, including Park’s uncanny ability of reading our current economic crisis. No formal education, but self-read in many classical economics theories, a diligent researcher and his predictions were usually right, right, right.

The kind of thing that would get anyone in trouble these days.

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