And they wonder…

…why we don’t trust them?

Gell investigator ignored blatant clues

Yeah, I guess 17 eye-witness statements would qualify as ignoring clues.

Just like lying to other investigators and prosecutors would qualify as evidence in a case against State Bureau of Investigation agent Dwight Ransome. Who, by the way, is still on the SBI’s payroll to the tune of $72,849 per year. Why this man has not been fired at this point is beyond me. Why he hasn’t been charged with abusing his authority under color of law, civil rights violations–something–is even further beyond my understanding.

I await the appeals from other convicted by his testimony to begin shortly.

But here’s the rub, and here is why Ransome will skate on this: Alan Gell was hardly a choir boy. In jail for auto theft when wrongly convicted of murder, he isn’t much of a sympathetic figure for those of use concerned about the safety of our selves and our property.

But he should be. Because you, Mr. or Ms. Law Abiding Citizen, could have an Agent Ransome in your future. Readers of this blog, I suspect, tend to have opinions that have recently been termed suspicious and indicative of terroristic leanings, according to Homeland Security. I hope that you, as I, take things like duty, honor and country seriously.

However, taking these “outmoded ideas” seriously makes you dangerous in the eyes of some. And in this new reality we face, with gypsies in the palace of Washington, dangerous may not be how you want to be seen. It might have…repercussions.

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