The many unitended consequences of Cash for Clunkers

We’ve all heard about the dealers who nearly went out of business fronting money to Uncle Obama, what would have been “good used cars” being trashed and so on. However, I believe we have the best unintended consequence right here:

Pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles were big sellers under the Cash for Clunkers program despite the federal government’s focus on replacing gas guzzlers with more fuel-efficient cars.

Data released late last week by the Department of Transportation shows that tens of thousands of trucks, minivans and SUVs with relatively low gas mileage were among the nearly 700,000 vehicles sold under the program in late July and August. It even included a handful of Hummers, a hulking vehicle not usually associated with fuel economy.


How’s about some Global Warming to go with your Cash, Big O?

*double snork!*

And just for fun…

The Corolla was the top-selling new vehicle, with 29,488 vehicles sold. It was followed by the Honda Civic with 28,456, the Toyota Camry with 27,137 and the Ford Focus with 22,388.

You’ll notice that two of those companies are headquartered outside of the US, and none of them were taken over by the government.

*triple snork!!!*

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