Can you feel it all coming apart?

(Via the Drudge Report)

The Big O has got to be losing sleep nights. The second black president of the US is losing his grip on the office of President of the United States. (Hey, talk to Toni Morrison–she’s the one who declared Bill Clinton the first black president.)

From multiple cabinet nominees with income tax issues, he progressed to economic issues where is success has been less than satisfactory, unless you call running the federal deficit to unheard of heights “satisfactory performance”. Changing the name of the War on Terror has not made it any easier to prosecute, and his policies in this area may have actually caused progress to reverse. Plunging headlong into health care “reform”, he has found even members of his own party opposing his far-left agenda. Millions have taken to the streets in recent months to protest big spending, high taxes and increasing government interference in their lives. Questions of his very legitimacy to hold office still quietly dog him despite all attempts of a sycophantic media to portray the questioners as “wing nuts”.

So here we have the demagogue, the Huey P. Long of our time, still bombastically telling us that his agenda for the country must be passed.

Dear President, can you feel your grip slipping? Do you hear that voice in your ear telling you that “Thou art mortal”?

2010 is coming, and with it the beginning of your time as “lame duck”. None to soon for me.

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