Dear President wants Congress to “stop bickering”

As we say around here, that’s like pushing a limp rope–it just ain’t gonna happen.

Outside of passing unneeded legislation to solve illusionary problems, bickering is what congress does best. And in the case of health care “reform”, bickering may be the best thing Congress can do.

“Now’s the time to act, and I will not permit reform to be postponed or imperiled by the usual ideological diversions,” Obama said.

Really, Sparky? I mean, just when did you get elected to the position of little tin god dictator supreme leader the throne oh, whatever? So you have that mighty power?

I think you lie.

I think you’re trying to give the appearance of being in control as things spiral down around you (link via Drudge). The American people are finally starting to wake up to just what sort of amateurish buffoon they foolishly elected, and the hangover from that party is going to be fierce. Say hello to Jimmah for me.

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