No, it isn’t racist

It’s protected political speech. Just because “We won” doesn’t mean that you can stifle our rights to protest. After all, “He’s not my president”.

Images of President Obama’s face in makeup similar to The Joker in the Batman movie “The Dark Knight” began appearing on flyers posted on telephone poles along Main Street and in surrounding neighborhoods early Tuesday morning.

One viewer, who asked not to be identified, told WCNC-TV she was offended by the posters and began removing them from the poles.

“This man yelled at me, he said ‘what are you doing, lady what are you doing?’ and I said ‘what do you think I’m doing?’ ” the viewer said. “I almost cried when I got back in the car knowing that it’s 2009 and people in the community put signs up like that.”

“Chimpy McBushitler”–remember that one lady? Bush wasn’t my favorite President, but he got a heck of a lot more right than The Enlightened One has so far. Those of us who supported him had to put up with “Selected not elected” for 8 years. Now we have the Amateur in Chief and TOTUS and his socialist agenda, and we’re going to use your play book to fight him.

Right back atcha, babe. Better get used to it, because we’re just getting started.

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