Sit on it

Government interference in markets is a Bad Thing. Today’s case in point deals with energy.

Feds Holding Back $100 Million in Drill Leases

It would seem that our ever-efficient Fiddlin’ Government is sitting on oil drilling leases that drillers have paid good money for. For seven years in some cases.

Yes, that’s right, seven years. For as long as seven years, our publicly-paid bureaucrats have sat in their comfy office chairs, while the oil drillers have their capital tied up in something that they can’t make use of. For seven years, they have sat in their publicly-funded offices as the price of energy went up because of decreasing supplies. And for seven years, they have sat on their lard asses and worked with the enviro-nutjobs in order to keep drillers off the job–becuase, you know, having energy mean we’re going to use it and cause global warming and raise the sea levels and drown the endangered lily-liver-spotted-owl-snail-critter and…

Enough. It’s time for a little action. Do you know a bureaucrat? Someone who works for DMV, or the IRS or some such government job where they can make your life miserable and do so with apparent impunity (either because they don’t care or are too stupid to realize the consequences of their actions) ?

Try peer pressure. Let me tell you folks, peer pressure is a marvelous thing. If enough of us apply it, things change. The fun thing about peer pressure is that there are so many absolutely legal ways to apply it.

Be creative and have fun out there.

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