We’re not going to lie down this time

(Some links via the Drudge Report)

There is a groundswell of opposition to Obama and his policies, with the core centering around “health care reform”. In fact, the opposition is strong enough that some of those pushing this agenda item are trying to recast it as “health insurance reform”. (Yeah, right.)

However, others, perhaps less savvy, have decided that the best way to push this through is to attack those who oppose it. We’ve been told that we’re nicely dressed (is that supposed to be an insult), that we’re paid shills for insurance companies (If so, where’s my check?), called Nazis (or Brownshirts), we’re to be punched out if we speak out and union goons are acting as enforcers to stifle dissent. Just by writing this I’m probably going to get on an enemies list.

They want us out of the way.

I don’t think so. You want to push us around? We’re going to push back.

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