As if I need something else to hyper me into a self-defense frenzy

(Via Gun Pundit)

The criminals are training…are you?

The entire nation is engrossed by the media coverage of the armed thugs that killed a Florida couple known for adopting developmentally challenged children. It seems that the criminals attacked and killed a truly generous and caring couple who had dedicated their life to helping the less fortunate.

What most people missed in the coverage, however, is that the criminals apparently trained for weeks prior to the home invasion, and it took place with near military-like precision.

All of the anti-gun loons out there who claim calling the police is the best option can’t refute that the thugs who committed this horrible crime were in and out before anyone could respond.

One of their suggestions is to keep your self-defense firearm on your person. I’ve been getting that suggestion a lot lately.

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