Attention residents of Raleigh, NC

City Councilman Thomas Crowder is telling you that he needs a new job.

For years City Councilman Thomas Crowder has heard complaints from his southwest Raleigh constituents about a practice that is practical to some and trashy to others: parking in the front yard.

Now Crowder has gone on the offensive against anyone who habitually puts tires to lawn. He has written a new ordinance that, if adopted, would require thousands of Raleigh residents to get their cars out of the front yard and possibly spend hundreds of dollars to pave parking areas.

“If it’s not a problem it shouldn’t be imposing on anybody,” Crowder said. “It’s an environmental issue. It’s a stormwater and water quality issue. … [I]t’s a quality of life issue.”

People, here’s the deal–we are allowing too many (as in > 1) of these idiots who believe that they “know it all” into positions of power where they can muck things up for the rest of us. Trust me, the Family Freeholder, if we lived in Raleigh, could not meet his two parking place limit–without selling several vehicles. I suspect that there are thousands of families that actually live in Raleigh who will not be able to do so as well.

A revolution against the statist asshats like Crowder is brewing. Sign up today while all we have to do is vote them out.

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