Welcome to nationalized health care. If you don’t want it, we’ll shove it down your throat.

Well, it isn’t as if they didn’t telegraph it:

House Democrats unveiled ambitious legislation Tuesday to remake the nation’s health care system and called on medical providers, businesses and the wealthiest Americans to pick up the tab for President Barack Obama’s top domestic priority.

Or, in plainer language, you’re getting health care farting unicorns, and everyone we think is rich is going to pay for it. Vote for us!
“This bill is a starting point and a path to success,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., told a news conference where she and other Democratic leaders promised to pass a bill before the August congressional recess.

We gunnies have seen this playbook before, haven’t we? Just as every gun law they propose is “A good first step” that leads to more gun laws, this “health care reform” will lead to more “health care reform” and “even more health care reform” until there is no health care left.

Obama has pushed the House and Senate aggressively to stick to the timetable, in hopes of signing comprehensive legislation in October.

“We are going to accomplish what many people felt wouldn’t happen in our lifetime,” said Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., chairman of one of three committees responsible for health care.

Indeed you are–the end of the best health care system in the world and the institution of Misery for the Masses. Best of all, paid for by the Evil Rich.

Waxman, Pelosi and others stood before a banner that read: “Quality Affordable Health Care for the Middle Class.”

Your mileage may vary, see dealer for details.

The sweeping measure would imposes penalties on employers who fail to provide health insurance for their workers and on individuals who refuse to buy it.

The bill, to be debated in committee beginning later this week, also would require insurance companies to offer coverage, without exceptions or higher premiums, in cases of pre-existing medical conditions.

A requirement that will, in time, bankrupt every health insurance company in the US. But that’s what they intend to happen.

It also would allow the government to sell insurance in competition with private firms, a provision that has sparked objections from Republicans and even some Democrats.

Like I said.

The bill’s release came one day after President Barack Obama met with key Democrats in a White House session in which he told a powerful Senate chairman he wants legislation by week’s end in his committee.

The Obama has spoken! Hope and Change! Serve and Obey! Kneel and Cower Coming Soon!

In all, the draft House bill runs more than 1,000 pages, and is designed to fulfill Obama’s call for legislation that will extend coverage to millions who lack it, as well as begin to slow the rate of growth in health care generally.

I’m curious–do you suppose anyone will actually read it before the vote?

There’s much more to the article (I mean, 1,000 pages–you have to have a few more paragraphs to cover that much paper, right?), but it’s such a crock of bovine excrement that it isn’t worth my effort to keep on fisking it. You get the general idea by now, I’m sure.

I don’t know if it will help, but it’s time to start writing your House rep and urging them to work against this nightmare using every tool at their disposal. Past that, start thinking how you and your loved ones will deal with this, both short term (higher taxes, decreased wages and lost jobs) and long term (decreased/unavailable medical care).

Change you can die from.

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