Socialized Medicine

I’ve been wanting to write a blazing condemnation of socialized medicine/nationalized medicine/single payer insurance/health care farting unicorns for a while, but I’ve kept putting it off. Good for me.

Because I can now send you along to the best condemnation of that system ever written. Kevin at The Smallest Minority has hit one out of the ZIP code.

Before you go clicking on the link, let me warn you of two things. First, there is a story with accompanying photo that is going to break your heart. If you love kids and the thought of their mistreatment causes you great anguish, then don’t click. I’m not kidding here, because this is pretty ugly.

Second, if that ever happened to one of my kids, I promise you that everyone involved would pay in the same currency as Fabio Alves-Nunes paid for their failings.

The US medical system is horrible–just as long as you don’t compare it to any of the others. With all it’s problems and failings, I’d still rather get sick here than anywhere else in the world. Because here, you have the best chance of getting well. The best of anything is expensive. Deal with it.

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