Michael Bane recommendsthis editorial by Liz Soares. Here’s a couple of excerpts:

Which brings us back to the ammo shortage. In ordinary times, I would not be paying any attention to stocks of ammunition, nor to anybody who was concerned about where they were going to get their next bullet. I’m generally in favor of gun control, at least to the extent that I don’t think the average citizen (or garden-variety thug) needs access to semi-automatic weapons.


Now that I am aware of the ammo shortage, I am wondering what I could shoot. Would shoot. A redcoat, definitely. A squirrel, but only if I was down to 65 pounds and the lifetime supply of brown rice I’m building up and that will hopefully be in place before TEOTWAWKI arrives is completely depleted. I’m confident I could wave the thing around with a great deal of eye-popping menace and hopefully scare off whoever’s looking to steal my rice, my strawberries or my virtue.

Mike thinks it’s “nicely written”. From a technical standpoint, he’s correct. But was was noted in another post, this thing deserves a heaping serving of hearty ridicule. It is no more than the bleating of a sheep who has just scented a wolf. The sheep is darting about, baa-ing in panic, but unable to do anything constructive (outside of hoarding brown rice).

If the TEOTWAWKI event that she poo-poos actually does occur, I’m sure her virtue, strawberries and brown rice will make a tasty snack for some predator. Lady, you need to wake up, and soon.

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