(Via Timebomb 2000)

Ho. Ly. Moses. I feel like I just took a punch in the gut. Dr. Manning is a powerful speaker (in the tradition of other black ministers I’ve had the opportunity to hear speak), and his message both resonates with and scares the hell out of me. Resonates because he speaks the truth, and scares me because it’s a frightening truth.

While I pray it doesn’t happen, revolution may well come to our country. I can’t tell you some of the things I’ve heard, because they were spoken in confidence, but there are men and groups of men out there who are prepared and simply waiting. Waiting for the signal, which will come from our Federal Government itself, that it’s once again time to water the Tree of Liberty.

I can’t recall a time that I’ve ever heard such talk. Not even during the darkest days of the Clinton presidency did people actually talk about a revolution. It’s done quietly now, between neighbors and friends of long standing. But what one man says aloud, ten more think silently. All it will take is…something. Something that none of us can see–perhaps something that would, under ordinary circumstances, be inconsequential. But our circumstances are increasingly extraordinary, and the trigger event could come any day (or hopefully, never).

I’m going to reflect on this and other things I have heard, and discuss the matter with those I trust. I urge you to do the same. Time may or may not be short, but I think that stepping up the activities that will allow you to survive and persevere during any sort of extended crisis are advisable at this point in time. I’ll be placing some orders soon. If nothing else, I may as well spend some of this fiat currency we’re saddled with while it’s still worth more than toilet paper.

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