House decides that you should pay more for energy

Based on questionable science, political payback and sheer stupidity, the House has passed legislation meant to “climate change”.

We could have a raucous debate on the science for years–after all, the professionals have been doing so. The only thing they agree on is that the climate has changed before, and its changing now. They disagree on whether the causes are natural or anthropogenic (man-made). They disagree about if the earth has really warmed or cooled, and by how much. The disagree on the effects that an increase in temperature may bring. They disagreed on what to have for lunch, for all I know.

But the is no debate on the fact that your energy will cost you more–every group that has a number that is larger than what you pay now. There is debate on how much, which I view as akin to arguing about angels and pin heads. Right now, in this economy, we can’t afford to pay any more for energy. Too many people simply don’t have the money.

Now the battle moves to the Senate. I urge you to call, fax and email your state’s Senators and tell them “NO!” in very uncertain terms.

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