Oh look, another “common sense” gun law is proposed

I simply don’t understand why our elected representatives A) keep getting elected and B) insist that the Constitution really doesn’t mean what it plainly says. Please note that our idiot du jour is a New York Republican:

The Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act of 2009 would authorize Attorney General Eric Holder to deny the sale or transfer of firearms to known or suspected terrorists — a list that could extend beyond groups such as radical Islamists and other groups connected to international terror organizations.

To put it in the words of elected idiot:

“Common-sense laws that protect us from terrorism must be put in place,” King said in his statement. “Our role in Congress is to create laws that protect the American people, not to uphold those that give terrorists the right to bear arms.”

If enacted, this would violate the Constitution is a number of entertaining ways–it isn’t just a Second Amendment issue. Due process? It’s what the Attorney General says it is. Free speech? Woo, it got nippy in that room. Freedom of association? Well, better check the “extremist list” first. You never know, those Boy Scouts may have finally made the grade. And watch out for those Little Leaguers–they carry bats, and those could be used as a weapon….

While not worth an extended campaign just yet, keep your eyes on this one. This is just the sort of thing that could cause endless trouble.

You know…like the Patriot Act.

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