The Crash

(Via the Drudge Report)

Not of the economy or of population, but of The Obama:

When the Obama administration crashes and burns, with approval ratings that fall through the floor, political scientists can trace its demise to its first hundred days. While Americans are careful not to consign a presidency they desperately need to succeed to the dustbin of history, the fact is that this president has moved — on issue after issue — in precisely the opposite direction of what the people want him to do.

Dick Morris provides links to a number of polls from a number of pollsters to show that the Obama administration is moving in directions that directly oppose what people say they want in and from their government. This story is being missed in light of the Big O’s personal popularity, which is so high it disguises all potential problems.

Eventually, people are going to get over their moment of adoration, and figure out that Obama and his team are screwing the country up on such a gargantuan scale that it may well be unfixable. When they figure that out, well…I wouldn’t want to be a Democrat, or maybe even a politician.

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