So the guns in Mexico are coming from the US

(Via Timebomb 2000)

Unfortunately for The Obama and company, the only problem is that we’re legally exporting them to the Mexicans, apparently to aid their efforts to fight the drug lords:

The deadliest of the weapons now in the hands of criminal groups in Mexico, particularly along the U.S. border, by any reasonable standard of an analysis of the facts, appear to be getting into that nation through perfectly legal private-sector arms exports, measured in the billions of dollars, and sanctioned by our own State Department. These deadly trade commodities — grenade launchers, explosives and “assault” weapons —are then, in quantities that can fill warehouses, being corruptly transferred to drug trafficking organizations via their reach into the Mexican military and law enforcement agencies, the evidence indicates.

Well say it ain’t so! We’re selling the guns to the Mexican military and police, and military and police officers on the take are selling them to the drug runners. I just can’t believe it–corruption in a Turd Whirled country.

Can UPS deliver a big box of bitch-slap to our elected officials in Washington, I wonder?

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