Paging Mr. Galt…Paging Mr. John Galt.

My point: reading a book has become a groundbreaking event in this time and place. No one reads anymore. If you have ten pierced things stuck in your face, and your body has been assaulted by a tattoo artist, no one notices anything unusual. If you read a book, people are wonderstruck. You become an object of curiosity.

Pray for the Republic, because it may be all we have left. People who can not–will-not–continue their education on their own are doomed, and they will drag us down with them.

I should note that Son is just like this. Born into a family of readers, he’ll only pick up a book if forced. He can read just fine, and his comprehension is good. He’s a relatively smart kid. He just doesn’t care to read. None of us understand it.

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