In this time of a troubled economy…

…why don’t we just take a big ol’ hammer to the Internet as a marketplace?

It seems that our Congress is applying the same logic that has worked so well previously (enacting draconian legislation supposedly aimed at preventing crime that will instead have an out-of-proportion effect on those who don’t break the law) to those folks who make their living selling goods online at sites such as ebay (no link; ebay hates gun owners, and we hate them back).

It seems that the criminals are using 21st century technology to sell stolen goods. (I’m shocked.) While I have no doubt this is true, I can’t see how making the life of x number of legitimate sellers untenable is going to help in catching the 1/x number of people who abuse the system.

Then again, look how well this has worked with gun laws. I mean, we gun owners are only inconvenienced a tiny little bit in the pursuit of our hobby while it has stopped the bad guys dead in their tracks.

Or maybe not.

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