Get your walking shoes on

(Via Gun Talk)

Because we’re going to DC to march for our civil rights. The Second Amendment March is going to be held in the Spring of 2010. If you can’t get to DC, there will be satellite marches across the country, mostly in state capitals.

This group is just getting off the ground, but support is building nicely. Heck, if Da Nuge says it’s OK, that’s good enough for me. Every gun owner in the country, along with those who just support civil rights and the Constitution, need to get behind this project and ensure that the turnout is so large that it can’t be ignored by those in power. Coming, as it does, near the mid-term election, it’s a perfect vehicle to put the “fear of the voters” into our elected officials.

They also have forums for the discussion of the logistics of the operation as well as some general gun rights issues. I imagine any questions can be answered there.

Mountain Man, you’re riding with me.

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