You’re getting Pork!

Well, it seems that once again, the US Senate is going to be too clever by half. While public support for this gazillion dollar POS has fallen to 37%, and while the messages urging everything from major changes to outright rejection continue to flood in, Harry Reid and Co. have gotten a few RINOs to agree that it’s time to pass this creeping horror. It can now be claimed that it has the “bi-partisan support” the Enlightened One craves (since apparently if even one person with an (R) after their name votes for it, it’s bi-partisan support). It’s pretty much a done deal. The Senate will pass theirs, the conference committee will work out the differences, the votes will occur, and Mr. Obama will sign it.

And we’ll be screwed. Do you know how you get from recession to depression? Government meddling in a recession, usually by trying to prevent the recession from “getting worse”.

Our elected geniuses are now prepared to cause the worst economic crisis since the 1930s, and we probably can’t stop them. Are you ready for the Greater Depression?

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