“Rahm hates us and lets us know it, and we hate him back.”

(Via Timebomb 2000)

The day before the crucial vote in the House, Minority Leader John Boehner told his troops that the Republican Party is no longer a bureaucracy. “He took us by the throat and told us, ‘You’re no longer the majority, stop acting like it,’” a senior Republican told me about the run up to the vote. “‘If you’ve got an idea, get it on MSNBC. This is an entrepreneurial insurgency.’ He was kicking the ball around. He wants everyone involved. If there’s an amendment, he told us to offer it. If you have 48 seconds for YouTube, get it up there. Get busy and resist in every instance.”

If true, then this is the best news conservatives could have ever hoped for–that The Message of the past two elections has finally found its way through the thick-headedness of the Republican Part, and that the Party of Reagan is rallying for a counterattack.

I’m awaiting further developments with hopeful anticipation.

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