Want to know how the Big O is going to stimulate you?

(Yeah, I know–I’m turning into the Obama Channel. But the weather is crappy and I can’t go to the range, so I need something to blog about. Besides, it’s so tempting and easy….)

Glenn Beck has a breakdown on the $825 billion stimulus package, which absolutely must be passed in the next 3 weeks or WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!! so why don’t you Congressional Republicans stop listening to Rush Limbaugh already and just pass the thing?

Now, exactly how this is going to bring any long term benefit to the economy is beyond me. I’ll grant you that things like improving the electrical grid, weatherizing homes and improving medical record keeping sound all unicorn-ish and rainbow-y, but since when are these the jobs of the government? Last I checked, the grid was owned by the electrical companies, the houses by the folks who hold the deeds and we still don’t have socialized medicine with even more government involvement despite the worst the left can do.

We won’t even get into how we’re going to finance this. The only two options are to borrow it (bad) or hire a third shift at the Government Printing Office (worse).

Keep after your Congresscritters and tell them what you think of this trillion dollar farce. Let’s see if we can give the Big O a Big FAIL.

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