Merry Christmas–sorry we were late!

(Via The Patriot Post)

The Big O got elected on a platform of “CHANGE!” According to Michelle Malkin, it was really more like “CHARGE!” As in, we got ourselves into this sorry state by borrowing, so we can get out by borrowing more.

“The time has come,” President Barack Obama told us in his inaugural address, “to set aside childish things.” He borrowed the line from Corinthians. With the Beltway bread-and-circus show over, President Obama will now get to work on borrowing hundreds of billions of dollars from you, your children and your grandchildren for a doomed fiscal stimulus.

As President Obama basked in the inaugural glow, a dark cloud of reality moved in over the Democrats’ $825 billion plan to rescue the economy. The Congressional Budget Office crunched the numbers and concluded that a huge bulk of the federal spending orgy wouldn’t actually kick in until the recession is waning — if not already over.

It seems that the more things Change, the more they stay the same. Same old Democrats, taxing and spending like there’s no tomorrow.

Of course, with them in charge, there may not be.

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