A class act to the end

My long time readers know that I haven’t been hesitant to take George W. Bush to task when I thought it justified. However, even when I strongly disagreed with his policies or actions, I never doubted the innate decency of the man himself.

It would seem that I was correct in that assessment. Even after being trashed one last time by his opponents, the man took a positive attitude and refused to lash out, even though it would have been justified.

Those who served under him, however, are having their say on things. Marc Thiessen notes that there have been 2,668 days without a terrorist attack on American soil. Karl Rove notes that Bush was right when it mattered most.

As for myself, I’ll just say that George W. Bush will probably be judged by history as a better-than-average president. A man unafraid to take unpopular positions, he stood head and shoulders above his rivals in both elections. He did what he felt was right for the country, not what looked good in the polls or what was good for his party.

Think about it–isn’t that what a President is supposed to do–what’s best for the country?

President Bush, thank you for your service.

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