“No Republican has announced plans to oppose Holder’s nomination.”

Here’s a message for the Republican Party–if you people don’t get your act together and stop playing footsies with the Democrats (link via Drudge), we conservatives are going to find another home. We’re not interested in “Democrat Lite”. Stand up and fight, for cryin’ out loud!

While the GOP was expected to use the confirmation hearing to demonstrate that the party is still relevant despite a Democratic sweep in November, Holder was largely spared any confrontational questions during the morning hours of the daylong hearing.

Are they so demoralized because they lost the election that they can’t do their jobs? Do they think the only way they’ll get to keep them is to go along with the Big O because he’s, like, so-o-o-o popular? Could it be they’re afraid someone will say “the R word”?

Or are they really so dense that they still don’t understand why they lost in 2006 and 2008? You know, the “get drunk on power, spend like a drunken sailor, spit on our rights and dare us to do anything about it” business?

What a bunch of losers. Why don’t you people grow up and grow a pair?

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