It was a short honeymoon

(Via the Drudge Report)

OK, so how do you top a (possibly inadvertent) snub of someone who should be one of your biggest allies? Why, you go grab onto that “third rail of politics”–Social Security and Medicare!

For an encore, The Big O going to take a page from Bill Clinton’s handbook (why not–he’s hiring all his old employees), and take on the “gays in the military” thing. While he may well be right, this is an overall loser for him with most of the population, just as it was for Clinton.

All this, and he’s not even sworn in yet. It’s starting to look like that inexperience argument that was heard so many times during the campaign may develop some legs. A smart politician would have let some (if not all) of these contentious issues wait for the second term.

The guy’s got a little less than two weeks before he’s sworn in. At the rate he’s going through political capital, he’s going to be finished before he gets started.

Finally! Some Change I can believe in!

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