Success is evil

Bloomberg writer Bob Ivry seems to have an advanced case of wealth envy. He can take the closing of a Wisconsin paper mill, which “pretty close to breaking even” according to the CEO of the company that owned it (How’s that for a ringing endorsement of its financial performance?) and turn it into a screed against Stephen Feinberg and his firm, Cerberus Capital Management. Feinberg is a billionaire (more or less), so his highly indirect role in the closing of this mill must mean he’s evil.

I wonder if he knows what his boss, Michael Bloomberg, is worth? I wonder if, in Mr. Ivry’s eyes, he’s 20 times as evil as Mr. Feinberg?

As the economy continues to have problems, expect more of this. Be particularly aware of it filtering down, as well. If you appear to be better off than those around you, you may find yourself a target as well.

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