Defending her civil rights

(Via SayUncle)

I’ve blogged before on Meleanie Hain, the Pennsylvania mother who had her concealed carry permit revoked because she open carried at a kid’s soccer game. Exonerated in court by a judge who questioned her judgment and common sense (I didn’t know stupidity was a job requirement for judges in PA), she’s now suing the sheriff and the county he represents.

This woman, who hasn’t hurt anyone (unless you count the PSH that she’s caused) has even been criticized by the Fudds less-tolerant hunters among us.

That’s just wrong.

I don’t want to see the gun culture tear itself apart over issues of “ideological purity”, but it’s about time that certain groups get with the project. With the coming of Obamanation, we’d better hang together or we will certainly be hung separately–Fudds included.

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