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So, 10 terrorists were able to carry out the attack in Mumbai, India where they left bodies in piles in two luxery hotels. It took almost 3 days to get the last one. The Taj Hotel had prior warning, and took several ineffective security measures. Armed police, who could have taken early action, failed to do so. The terrorists were, once again, Islamic fanatics. And for some idiotic reason, President Bush declares that the terrorists “will not have the final word” and is sending in…the FBI?

It seems that the more things change, the more they stay the same. With all the money that has been spent, with all the inconveniences we must tolerate in the name of “The Forever War on Terror” and in spite of all the abridgments of our civil liberties, this could have happened here. It would be harder for the terrorists, but anyone who doesn’t believe that it would be a trivial exercise to smuggle 10 determined men and sufficient weapons and ammunition to replicate this right here in the US is deluding themselves.

It’s time, and past time, to stop playing around with terrorists. Stop it with the security theater, and start taking concrete actions. Tracking down every remaining member of this organization, along with their families, and removing them en masse from the gene pool would be a good start. You can start with this bastard and his extended family.

I’ve said it before, but I’ll belabor it again: These people can not be reasoned with, nor can they be negotiated with. They want to see all of us dead or converted to their world view. Our choices are simple–convert, die or teach them that we are going hurt them grievously every time they’re foolish enough to attack us. They’ll never love us, be they can be taught to fear us.

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