What you can do this week

As promised, here’s the first “thing you can do this week” to keep political pressure on our new President. The goal is to soften his support from his own party and buck up those in opposition.

Take time to send a message to your current Representative and both Senators. You’re going to have to do a bit of thinking. However, let me give you some thoughts on the subject.

If you are writing to someone who has supported traditional conservative principles, thank them for that. Don’t lay it on too think, but let them know you genuinely appreciate their efforts. Ask them to continue doing so in the future. Don’t mention any particular items–keep it general.

If your writing someone who hasn’t been a big supporter of conservative principles, write them as a concerned voter. Tell them that you value free enterprise, smaller government, respect for the law and one or two other core conservative principles. Make it clear to them (nicely, no rude or threatening language) that if they’d like your vote the nest time around, they’re going to need to earn it.

If you’re writing someone who is a supporter of some conservative principles, such as a Blue Dog Democrat, thank them for their support of those principles, and and pick out one core conservative principle that they haven’t supported and ask them nicely to consider supporting it in the future because [fill in the blank with a good reason other than “I won’t vote for you if you don’t”].

In all this writing, remember the old adage “You’ll get more files with honey than vinegar.” Also remember to keep it short and to the point–2 paragraphs is plenty.

Email your message to them (find them here), but also take the time to send it as a written letter. Because of security, email is quicker, but the old snail mail letter will still arrive in time for our purposes and will carry some significant weight. If they have a local office, you might want to call and deliver the message as well.

Tune in next week for another little task.

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