A little bit of my day

Today I was off from work. I’m blessed with a rather exorbitant amount of vacation time each year, and most years am unable to use it all. This year, for reasons I’m not going to detail, I’ve decided that that I am going to use every freaking hour up, and maybe even make a dent in the amount I’m allowed to “carry over” from year to year.

At any rate, I’m driving down the road and get behind a Ford Escape hybrid (the concept of a hybrid SUV is still causing me cognitive dissonance 3 hours later). Said vehicle had a “Support Democratic Candidates” bumper sticker, an Obama bumper sticker, and, I kid you not, a world peace bumper sticker. You can not make this stuff up.

I manfully resisted the temptation to use my much larger gas-powered (and gas-sucking) SUV to bump them into the next phone pole. Given the political sentiments hereabouts, they obviously must be here from Charlotte (also known as Moscow on the Catawba) for the day. Momma always told me to be nice to strangers.

However, I did notice their license tag: PSH-xxxx. How wonderfully appropriate.

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