Are you…undecided?

Polls show that perhaps as much as 20% of the electorate remains in the “undecided” column less than 2 weeks before the election. If you’re one of those people, this is addressed to you.

Barack Obama, is a young, handsome, well-spoken man in the prime of his life. John McCain is distinguished (the nice way to say “gray hair”), not terribly eloquent, suffers from his battle wounds and is old enough to retire. Much has been made of these characteristics of both men.

You should look past these external factors, and concentrate on two things. First, who is the Man Who Would Be President? I mean really, who is he? What is his history? Does he have staying power when things get tough? Does he have the background to be successful in the job? Does he have the judgment necessary? Does he have the skills it takes?

Second, you need to look at where the new President will lead us. Do you really want to go there? Do you want to live in that world? Will you be comfortable there? Will you be able to work, marry, raise a family? Pursue your interests wherever they lead you?

It’s no secret to those who have read this blog that I’m not a McCain fanboy. I view him as the least objectionable person running for the job, which is faint praise indeed. I support him solely becasue I think that the place Obama would take us is far worse than where we are, and far worse than where McCain wants to go.

Neal Boortz has written an essay outlining the sort of world Barack Obama wants us to live in. Please read it and consider what he says. Do you own research–one thing about the Internet is that if you ever uttered something on camera or in front of a microphone, it’s out there.

In the case of Barack Obama, it’s way out there.

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