Wednesday was a good day for pictures

I had Wednesday to myself, before the start of the real reason I’m here in Oregon (work). I decided to go get lost. Taking Hwy 101 north from where I’m staying, I found some awesome views. These were the best, taken in panorama mode and stitched together by the camera.

The first is the Yaquina Head Light, Oregon’s tallest/second oldest lighthouse. Yes, I climbed to the top.

Next is the coast at the town of Pacific City, OR.

You know, a fellow could get right attached to a place that looks like this. I wonder what’s it’s like during the height of tourist season?

(Sorry if the formatting is off. I need to figure out how to wrap the text around the pictures better within the blogger interface. Anyone care to give me pointers?)

Edit: OK, I’ve gotten them to work a little better, but this still looks like, well, crap. Still looking for suggestions.

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