Hurricane evacuation radio

This in from an Intertubes correspondent…WWL radio is streaming coverage of Hurricane Gustav. Very interesting, especially the phone calls from folks in the evacuation stream. Every potential problem of a mass evacuation ever discussed on preparedness boards–traffic jams, no gas and so on–is getting told by these folks.

Take away: If you’re going to evacuate, do it before the masses decide to leave.

In a related thought, for those of you who subscribe to Rawles‘s “Golden Horde” theory, I don’t think the Horde will be driving. From the sounds of things, if this was a real societal breakdown–no police, no tow trucks and so on–the roads would be completely impassible by now. The Golden Horde would have to travel by foot. Given the average physical condition of most Americans these days, I don’t think they’re going to make it far.

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