Not on JetBlue, I won’t

Yours truly has to fly to New York in October, and I was pleased to find that JetBlue has a direct flight from a local airport to New York. Having heard lots of good things about JetBlue, I thought this would be a good time to try them out.

Not now, I won’t.

As long as we allow the airlines and government employees to act in this manner, we are less than free. I will not be less than free. End. Of. Discussion.

Edit, 8/23/2008: Jed says that the Kingman paper is bandwidth throttling–driven by the major influx of traffic from my posting no doubt. 🙂 It’s up now, but here’s the short version:

56 YO grandmother on a flight from NYC to Las Vegas. There’s a Very Annoying Kid a few rows up. Eventually, the guy next to the VAK loses it, and the predictable scene erupts. Flight attendants step in and get things settled. Grandma has what seems to be a digital camera with video capability and films a couple of minutes of the action to show her daughter how kids can be annoying brats.

Flight crew takes exception and tries various tactics to strong-arm her into deleting the video, including the famous “interference with an airline crew member” routine. Grandma rightly refuses and is taken off the plane at Las Vegas in cuffs.

LV police get into the act, and surprise, surprise, there’s no foul here. At this point Grandma wants the names of every idiot involved, no doubt to complain to the high heavens. Everyone refuses; cops eventually arrest her for disobeying an officer (Respect My Authoriti! no doubt”).

Now it gets weird. Hubby arrives, and she’s released to him. LVPD and TSA mysteriously have no records of the incident, because no one was arrested. (You have to wonder how you get from “You’re under arrest” to “You can go”. Can you be unarrested?) JetBlue has no comment, but the story paints their flight crew as being jerks throughout the incident with grandma. Oddly enough, grandma says they handled the initial indcident with the VAK very professionally.

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