Time to PO the readership

Well, folks, this story has everything in it–everything that is rotten about our society and our justice system, anyway. The standard “remove all breakables” warning applies.

15 years ago, 2 girls begged for their lives

Yes, 15 years ago two animals–and that is exactly what they are–kidnapped, robbed, raped and murdered two young women, aged 17 and 15.

Teenagers Tasha Lopes and her friend Raylynn Chelten were hysterical on the night of June 3, 1993, and begged, “Please don’t kill me,” in the minutes before they were sexually assaulted and shot to death, one of the men accused of killing the girls told investigators in a taped statement.

It gets worse. Apparently, Tasha and Raylynn were victims of a movement that has swept this country–they were taught to be sheep:

Tasha, 17, and Raylynn, 15, desperately believed their lives would be spared if they did not resist, murder suspect Antwan Sanders, 33, told investigators on the tape.

As we shall demonstrate in a moment, this was a losing strategy. A word to any woman, young or old, who ever finds herself in a kidnap situation–RESIST! Scream, yell, kick, scratch, run or pull out your legal concealed carry weapon and shoot the bastards(s), but don’t go with them.

But both girls, who continued to cry, were shot in the head: Raylynn three times, Tasha once.

The case went unsolved, then cold. However, Charlotte created a “cold case” squad, and this was one of the first cases they took on–and they solved it. Of course, our “criminal” justice system will work with all of its usual concern for justice–neither creature will be subject to the death penalty.

Folks, it’s been bad out there for many years, and it shows every indication of getting worse. Get a gun, get trained, get your concealed carry permit–take responsibility for you and yours. Parents, teach your children now how to react to the various situations that you know they’re going to face in their lives. Teach them to be sheepdogs, not sheep.

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