Same ol’, same ol’

(Via the Drudge Report)
Spain’s socialist government has declared “The era of cheap energy has passed.” To prove it, they’re cutting the speed limit, handing out free low energy light bulbs and turning off the lights. They’re also pissing off the population, who deserves it–they elected them. Now they not only get the “caving in to terrorists” behavior, but all the rest of the Socialist belief system as well.

Darn, there goes another bloody t-shirt.

In the meantime, No Drill Nancy and her co-conspirators are soon going to bail out of Washington for a vacation district work period, leaving the taxpayers with an unknown-hundred billion buck bailout of the foolish and greedy (you know, for those poor people that bought homes with loans they could never repay and the bankers who made the loans) and absolutely no progress on improving our energy situation.

Business as usual. Do you suppose the population will evr get tired of this and throw all the bastards on both sides out?

Me neither.

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