“But there’s no way we could deport all the undocumented immigrants…”

That’s the argument the pro-illegals crowd makes–that there are so many illegal aliens now in the US that there is no feasible way to capture and deport them all.
Luckily, if we make it less welcoming, they will take care of the matter themselves.

Wake County, NC will begin using the new federal 287(g) program to start deportation proceedings for all illegal aliens passing through their jail. Sheriff Donnie Harrison, who has been criticized by some for his support of the program, said “They’re the ones that made the mistake, we didn’t. They’re here illegally.” You tell ’em, sheriff!

Of course, we have a long way to go. ICE reports that about 5300 illegals have been processed in North Carolina since the program began in 2006. They also estimate that there are 300,000 illegals in the state.

It seems to me that we need to get a lot less illegal alien friendly some more of them will self-deport. How about we cut them off from public assistance next? My tax bill could use a break.

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