News on Red’s Trading Post

(Via FreedomSight)

Many blogs have been keeping track of the doin’s that surround Red’s Trading Post, and Idaho gun store that ran afoul of our favorite folks from ATF. (Short version: Red’s had some paperwork issues, squared them away, got a clean bill of health, then got raided by ATF. Hilarity ensued, complete with much publicity and court time.)

The Red’s blog, written by the very vocal Ryan Horsley, went off-line a month or so ago, and I’ve been quietly waiting for word. Well, David Codrea has the scoop at last:

The Twin Falls Urban Renewal Agency agreed today to pay $200,000 for downtown property where Red’s Trading Post…

David counsels against jumping to conclusions, and while he’s right, I have a case of learned pessimism when it comes to things like this. For now, I guess we continue to wait for more news.

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