Two views of Heller

From guys who were there–David Hardy and Countertop. David takes exception with those of us who want our machine guns “Right now, thank you very much”. Countertop, on the other hand, thinks the machine gun ban is “history”.

While I understand Mr. Hardy’s point (we got here by incrementalism on the part of gun grabbers, and we’ll have to get back to where we were by the same tactics), I can’t agree with him. I don’t want to wait “ten years down the road” for another court case that might, a few more years down the road, allow me to own a machine gun without God, the ATF and everyone else being involved. Gun owners have been nibbled to death by ducks, since, oh, Nineteen Thirty Freakin’ Four, and I’m tired of it. I’m also old enough that the concept of waiting another decade or two to finally scratch that Tommy Gun itch is unattractive–I’d like to be young enough to enjoy it, thanks all the same. I want all the laws that infringe on my Second Amendment rights GONE. (And after that, let’s go after the laws that infringe on my other rights.)

So I’m hoping Countertop is right. We’ll see.

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