Sorry for the lack of blogage this week….

But I just suddenly got a case of the “Geeze, this is stupid!”

Not stupid as in “Blogging is stupid,” but that the things that usually move me to post have taken a turn for the stupid. For example, the Eliot Spitzer Show. At first, it had possibilities–NY gov/big-time crime crusader and a hooker. This is going to be good, right? Then we get pictures and I have an attack of “What? The guy was paying a grand an hour for that?!” I mean–wow–I’ve seen better in the grocery store. And there doesn’t even seem to be anything kinky to act as an explanation. So the story just devolves into the heart-wrenching “Why powerful men can’t seem to keep their freakin’ flies zipped” and “Oh his poor wife/children” thing. Outside of the understandable (and IMHO justified) Wall Street glee angle–BORING!

Presidential politics, always fertile ground for blogging, has also turned stupid. We have three nearly undifferentiatable Democrats running for President, so all we have to look forward to is which one’s campaign steps on its dick. This week we had a two-fer, with the Hillary’s Feraro race oopsie and the Obama campaign’s whack-job preacher with a vicious case of oral diarrhea. OK. Nothing new here. Expect McCain to blow his cool at another person on camera this week, just to get even.

We could talk about the economy and the impending apparent doom relating to. Decades of ignorance of basic economic truths, coupled with what seem to be such self-destructive policies that one could posit a deliberate attempt to destroy our economic well-being, leavened with a dose of incipient panic, and we have a good case of…still nothing to blog about. Yeah it’s important, but there really is nothing to say except this: People, all that thunder is a storm coming. Get ready. And that too is nothing new–I and others have been preaching that sermon for quite some time now, on and off the Internet.

Perhaps the most blogable thing this week was yesterday, where me and a bunch of other folks went out to our range and spent a day doing–maintenance. We trimmed trees, spread gravel, picked up trash, fixed equipment, ate lunch and talked about guns. On the way home, Old Friend’s Older Brother and I stopped by our favorite gun store to look around and help close up. It was a lot of fun, but it still doesn’t really move me to blog about it. I mean, how much do you want me to ramble on about raking out gravel?

Perhaps it’s just me, and I’m going through a lethargic/burned out by an overload of bad news period. It happens. Maybe I just need something to shock me out of it. The Heller case is being heard by SCOTUS Tuesday–maybe that will do the trick. Jim Shepherd of The Shooting Wire and Michael Bane have both been credentialed to sit in the press section, so we should be getting some good and fast opinions from that front.

I do have a couple of small things for today, and given how blogs work, you’ll see them before you see this. I just figured the folks who take the time to stop by here on a regular basis deserved an explanation.

(Edit 3/16/2008 2003: And preferably one that was proofed better than this one was at its initial posting. I’ve fixed all the gaffes I’ve found from an evening re-read.)

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