Makes me want to hurl

Three 13-year-old girls accused of throwing french fries during lunchtime at their school were cited for “hurling missiles,” an adult infraction covered by city ordinances.
Am I wrong for thinking this is a bit of an over-reaction? Yeah, apparently there had been some food-throwing problems at the school, but is this necessary? Obviously, the police chief thinks so:

“It wasn’t a spontaneous thing — a couple of kids giggling, throwing a french fry at each other,” Deutsch said. “They intended on getting everybody involved in this and starting something that no doubt would have the potential of getting out of control.”

Outside of an incredible mess, just how out of control does he think this can get? Are we talking trashed lunchroom out of control or the complete breakdown of society in Laramie, Wyoming out of control? There is a difference here, and there should be some sense of proportion as well.

It seems we as a society have completely lost that particular sort of sense, however. The march toward anarcho-tyranny continues on.

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