Something you’re not going to see a lot of in the Lame-stream Media

I haven’t blogged much about the recent spate of shootings. Others, such as Say Uncle, Michael Bane and others have been there since the beginning, and are doing a fine job. No need for “Me too!”

However, there is one thing that I want to point out. In the Colorado church shootings, one brave woman with a gun put an end to a nutjob’s rampage. Jeanne Assam, a lot of people owe you a debt. You saved their lives and added a bit of chlorine to the gene pool at the same time.

I’d heard about this lady early today, and checked the major news sites for confirmation. Nothing. It didn’t fit their script, so it must not have happened. However, tonight I found the story link on the Drudge Report. And surprise, surprise! It’s now on the majors as well. Don’t you know they’re hating this. It’s not bad enough a good gal with a gun stopped this guy, but they’re forced to print the story they’d rather bury just to keep up with the new media. (Got to hate that Internet thingy. Why, anybody with a keyboard can just put news up there–no editors or anything!)

Us gunnies know that when one wannabe famous wacko with a gun decides to go out in a hail of bullets, we’ll have several more who try to one up him. This time, someone with a gun was there to stop the challenger. It’ll be interesting to see if another one steps up for his turn, or if Jeanne Assam saves the lives of people she’s never met in a city she’s never visited–simply because of what she did yesterday.

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