DVD sales are off

Hollyweird is worried that sales of DVD movies are tanking. As a public service, The Freeholder will enlighten you Hollyweirdos on why this is happening.

First, in case you haven’t noticed, the economy is soft. Lots of bad economic news is out there, if you care to look. In times like these, while you cut back on big houses, fast cars and drugs, normal people cut back on what are known as “discretionary purchases”. Discretionary purchases are things we want, as opposed to than things we need. We need food, fuel and shelter. We want DVDs. DVDs lose.

Second, many of us don’t want to buy DVDs, when we know that a new, much improved version is out there. Of course, since you can’t get your act together on a format (I’m talking Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD here), many of us are now sitting on purchases of movies. Get your act together on a format, please.

Third, we’re getting tired of paying $20 for a movie and then seeing it in the Wal-mart cheapie bins for $10 in two or three months. We’ll just hold off and save 50%, thanks.

Fourth, most of your movies suck. They weren’t worth going to see at a theater, and they aren’t worth watching at home. So we don’t buy them, or we wait for them to show up in the 2 for $11 super-cheapie bins at Wal-mart. Then if we buy them and they are really as bad as everyone warned us, at least our range targets aren’t quite so expensive.

I hope this helps. I know it’s hard when you’re so disconnected from reality.

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