Brother, can you spare a dime

OK, fellow gunnies, time to put our money where our mouth is. Everyone knows that Heller v. DC has made it to the Supreme Court. What many of us don’t realize is that this sort of fight has some significant dollar costs, not just for the plaintiff and defendant, but for those who do such things as file amicus curiae briefs.

A group of pro-Second Amendment academics are doing just that, and they need some financial assistance. Go to their site Academics for the Second Amendment, and hit the PayPal button. Or if you can’t bring yourself to use PayPal (and I can’t blame you), you can send the donation to:

Academics for the Second Amendment
Post Office Box 131254
St. Paul, Minn. 55113

They don’t suggest an amount, but I think it would be a nice touch to make it what a box of ammo for your favorite gun would cost.

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